nikki lynette singer

The totally bad ass world of Nikki Lynette

Everybody loves me. Nobodies hate me.

Hi. You’ve heard my music before, you just didn’t know it was me. I’m an indie musical/visual artist from Chicago. I go by a few aliases, but the only one you better remember is Lynette the Threat. (Insert awkward laugh here.)
I make music that is awesome and not boring. My tunes get featured in tv shows on MTV, VH1, Showtime, Oxygen, Bravo and in national commercials. It’s dope. My vibe is a blend of hip hop, alternative, and pop. I’m constantly disgusted by the sameness of most things. I have a serious problem with “same.” My fans are all complicated, counter-culture, reckless individuals like me and they’re known as Team Bad Ass… Cult Bad Ass if you nasty.
I have six piercings and ten tattoos, my dreads are real, I’ve never drank or smoked in life, and my eyebrows have been purple for like 3 and a half years. People consider me unpredictable. But I promise I’m not, once you get to know me. READ MORE

About Nikki Lynette… The OTHER Nikki.